is a small, lightweight and inexpensive
accessory for the DIYer and Handyman

Convenience - Safety

Use MiterBlock to support your material level with your Miter or Chop saw. It's unique shapes allows for 6 different heights. Make perfect cuts without the hassle of a stand!


MiterBlock is a small, lightweight and inexpensive accessory for the DIYer and Handyman. It's unique shape gives it 6 different heights - allowing it to be a perfectly level support for almost all brands of miter saws. It's small, lightweight design makes it easy to keep in your toolbox or clipped to your toolbelt. Great for the handyman needing to cut a few pieces of trim. Great for use on the back of a truckbed, garage floor, and more!

MiterBlock's level material support allows you to safely keep you hand further away from the blade and make perfect cuts like the pros!


You had to drag out a bulky and expensive Miter Saw Stand or you had to try and balance your material with your foot, hand or scrap material.

This is unsafe and with the unlevel surface, your cuts will be far from perfect


Conveniently grab the MiterBlock - you have 6 different heights which will hold your material perfectly level with almost all Miter Saws.

Make Safe, Perfect Cuts with ease!


MiterBlock is great for use on truck tailgates, concrete surfaces and work benches

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